Ideas on How to Decorate Wedding Tables

Give your wedding reception tables some personality with decorative displays that show off your creativity. You don’t have to spend a lot, but you will get a lot of compliments. Create classy conversation pieces that reflect your overall wedding theme or colors. Use the same decorative elements on your guest tables and head table for … Continue reading “Ideas on How to Decorate Wedding Tables”

Give your wedding reception tables some personality with decorative displays that show off your creativity. You don’t have to spend a lot, but you will get a lot of compliments. Create classy conversation pieces that reflect your overall wedding theme or colors. Use the same decorative elements on your guest tables and head table for the wedding party.

Fresh Fruit and Flowers

Use fresh fruit and/or flowers to brighten your tables and fill the room with a fragrant scent. Arrange fresh flowers in a tall vase or trim the stems and float the flower heads in the water of a wide vase. Put whole fruits like apples, oranges, limes or lemons in a clear bowl. Or, slice your fruit and put it in a vase full of water. You can add stemless flowers to float on the top. Choose a fruit or flower that matches your wedding colors or theme.

Ideas on How to Decorate Wedding Tables


Place fishbowls with live fish on your wedding reception tables. This idea goes well with a nautical or beach wedding theme. Put 1- or 2-gallon fishbowls on top of framed or tile mirrors. Add water, real fish, and shells that match your wedding colors or theme. At the end of the evening, allow any children you may have had as guests to take one of these centerpieces home to keep as a pet.

Fresh Fruit and Flowers

Use fresh fruit and/or flowers to brighten your tables and fill the room with a fragrant scent. Arrange fresh flowers in a tall vase or trim the stems and float the flower heads in the water of a wide vase. Put whole fruits like apples, oranges, limes or lemons in a clear bowl. Or, slice your fruit and put it in a vase full of water. You can add stemless flowers to float on the top. Choose a fruit or flower that matches your wedding colors or theme.

Groom’s Table Decorating Ideas

Including a groom’s table at your reception lets your guy share the spotlight with you and gives guests who don’t know him some insight into his personality. This special table features a custom cake that’s typically smaller than the wedding cake, and holds props and accessories that tell your groom’s “story.”

Grooms’ tables are as varied as the men they recognize. You may want to prepare your table as a surprise, or invite your groom to select his cake and choose the theme.

Groom's Table Decorating Ideas

Tie It Together

The groom’s table needs its own theme one based on his interests, career or hobbies. His favorite sport or team may provide inspiration, as may the pastimes he most enjoys, such as reading, music, volunteering or travel. If the groom identifies himself more by the work he does, then create the groom’s table around his profession, whether a chef, pilot, carpenter, teacher or healthcare professional. The theme dictates the colors and accessories you use to complete the presentation.

Cake and Eat It, Too

The centerpiece of the table is the groom’s cake, decorated to the theme you choose. Select his favorite flavor and if budget allows, get a shaped cake to reflect the theme, such as a keyboard, hat or house; a less expensive route is to have the cake frosted in theme colors  alma mater colors, for example and rely on accessories and props to convey the theme. Just as some couples opt for cupcakes instead of a wedding cake, you may choose his favorite dessert. Another option is to have a sweet that highlights the groom’s ancestry. For example, if his family tree originated in France, make the French “croquembouche” wedding cake the groom’s cake.

Accessorized Focus

The tablecloth should coordinate with cake colors and the theme. Blue linen would suit a nautical theme for a recreational sailor, while green or brown burlap could accent a hunting or fishing theme. A white tablecloth with colorful tulle or a colored runner is an alternative that may blend with the rest of the reception decor. Decorate the tabletop with items that support the theme, such as an arrangement of miniature items that reflect your groom’s interests. Place around the cake framed photos of him with you and family members, or candid shots of him in action at work or play. Plant and floral arrangements are other ways to tie together the theme. For example, a miniature tree that has birds sitting on its branches might be placed next to the table for a bird-loving groom.

Ideas for Decorating a Wedding Cake Table

As its name implies, the wedding cake table displays your wedding cake. So, keep it that way. The focal point is the wedding cake. Anything else on the table should complement the cake, not distract from it. To make sure your cake stays front and center at your reception cake table, adorn the table with elegant, beautiful additions such as flowers, artwork and vintage plates. Focus on the subtle and the simple.

Group wide glass vases of simple flowers, such as roses or daises, and scatter them on the table. Do not be afraid to place your cake off-center and to use the remaining space to decorate with flowers and plates. Forever Wed also offers this flower tip: “To dress up the table itself, you can scatter rose petals around it.”

Ideas for Decorating a Wedding Cake Table


Vintage china is an elegant and charming way to bring a subtle decoration to your cake table. Dessert plates are never out of place on a cake table, and vintage china simply adds an understated elegance. Stack dishes in small piles, and place vintage silver forks on silver platters lined with vintage linens.


A wedding can never have enough candles. They add a romantic glow and will make your cake sparkle if it has any kind of jewels on it. Place votives in groups around the cake stand. Consider silver candelabra. Experiment with candles of varying heights.


Add romance to your cake table with a few simple pieces of artwork. Oil reproductions of classic lovers, angels and impressionist landscapes are great examples. Make sure the reproductions are miniature versions, and set them on wooden plate stands surrounding the cake.

Decorate a Wedding Reception With Branches

Although her wedding is one of the biggest moments in a bride’s life, it shouldn’t break the bank. Using some creativity and a few craft items, you can create stunning table centerpieces for your reception.

Take a walk through your backyard and find branches to use or head to the craft store. The type of branch you use is up to you. Depending on the time of your wedding, there are several ways to use branches to decorate reception tables.

Decorate a Wedding Reception With Branches

Tips on How to Decorate a Wedding Reception With Branches

Springtime Wedding Décor

  • If you are a spring bride, gather branches from trees around your yard of various lengths. Wipe down the branches and allow to dry. Brush glue on the branches and sprinkle glitter that complements your wedding color scheme. Or go for the natural look and use them as is. Stick the twigs into a clear square glass vase of medium height. Place river rocks into the vase. Tuck your favorite spring flowers into the vase. Use spring flowers such as crocuses, zinnias, tulips and dahlias. Set the vase in the center of the table for a lovely springtime centerpiece that has lots of color and interest.

Summer Wedding Décor

  • If you are a summer bride, opt for long birch branches. Birch branches can be painted to match your wedding color scheme. Place the birch branches into a very tall glass vase and fill it up with marbles, smooth stones, glass beads, or sand. Use birch branches that have as few or as many leaves as you like. Place the glass vase on a mirror in the center of the table and surround it with tea lights for an airy summer centerpiece.

Fall Wedding Décor

  • If you are a fall bride, curly willow or pussy willow branches are a good choice. These long branches give any centerpiece a touch of drama and their natural pale color works well for a fall wedding. Place branches into a vase. Fill the vase with fall-colored flowers such as orange-red roses, red berries and wild flowers. Tie a string of raffia around the vase for a rustic effect. Place the floral bouquet on the center of the table for a stunning fall centerpiece.

Winter Wedding Decor

  • If you are a winter bride, wipe branches off with a damp cloth to remove any dirt if you have gathered them from outside. Allow them to dry. Skip this step if you bought your branches at the craft store. Spray the branches with silver or white to mimic the look of ice on the branches. Sprinkle iridescent glitter on the wet spray paint. Or if you want the branches to have a Christmas look, spray the branches metallic red and green. Place a few branches in tall frosted glass vases for the best effect. Place this striking winter centerpiece in the center of the table.

Homemade Wedding Decorations Tree

You can also make your own tree with any craft material. A homemade wedding decorations tree comes alive at your reception by focusing on a specific theme.

This tree will be filled with wishes of hope from family and friends. Gather all the messages and place them into decorative frames. Tie a ribbon or wire to the frame and attach each one to the individual tree branches. Keep the notes brief one or two sentences. In addition to wishes, place pictures of family members or friends inside the frames and add messages to the back. To make this a surprise for the wedding couple, hide the hope tree until the wedding day.

Homemade Wedding Decorations Tree

Destiny Tree

This is a tree filled with favorite photos of the bride and groom from their childhood years to the present. Create a heart-shaped paper frame for each photo. You will need at least 10 photos. Place newborn pictures at the bottom with the other photos ascending the tree up to the present to represent change over the years. At the top, place a large photo of the bride and groom. To complete the look, write a story about how the wedding couple met and were destined to be together. Arrange this framed story at the front of the destiny tree.

Ribbons of Love Tree

For a larger tree that is indoors or outdoors, create a ribbon theme. Rainbow-colored ribbons cascade down this tree with loving messages from the bride and groom to each other. Tie the ribbons individually to a tree branch. At the end of the ribbons, place the special message inside a small bottle or attach it to a candle. Turn a love note into an origami animal to hang from the ribbon. These messages will reflect the many ways the bride and groom love each other.

Fortune Cookie Tree

Fortune cookies are a simple way to add a little fun to the reception. They transform your tree into an edible piece of art. Place personalized messages of good fortune and hope inside each one for your guests. Tie the fortune cookies individually to the tree limbs. For one last token of your wedding, place several bowls of fortune cookies around the tree so that guests can take some home.

Cute Ideas to Accessorize a Black Dress

The little black dress is that one fashion staple every woman can wear. Whether you have a plain shift, a curve-hugging mini or a tailored suit-style version, accessorizing your black dress can add a cute punch of style and spice up your look. From jewelry to shoes, scarves to other accessories, accompanying your black dress with other ensemble pieces can take your look from flat to fab.

Cocktail Style


If you are going to a semi-formal or somewhat fancy event, accessorizing your little black dress can turn a so-so look into a super cute stunner. The fashion-forward beauty pros at Glamour magazine suggest adding interest to your plain black cocktail dress with a statement piece such as a bold necklace or a funky, and chunky, bracelet . When the weather gets chilly, warm up your plain party look with pretty patterned tights or stockings, or throw on a matching black faux fur shrug. Don’t forget about accessorizing with show-stopping shoes. Off-set the simplicity of the LBD with an animal print shoe or a pair of heels in a bold, patent color.

Cute Ideas to Accessorize a Black Dress

Suit or Work Wear


Just because your work dress code calls for a strict style, doesn’t mean you can’t add to your tailored black dress and make your own fashion statement. If you are starting your work look with a basic suit-style shift or tank dress, add a pop of color to freshen the ensemble. Instead of going for a drab, dark mono-colored look, wrap your waist with a skinny bright belt. Further accessorize your work wear with a simple patterned silk scarf around the neck or bangles in the same color family as your belt.

Inexpensive Accessories


Accessorizing your black dress is one of the easiest ways to save money and turn one simple piece into an array of outfits. If you are looking to save your cash, breaking the bank on pricey accessories isn’t the way to go. Instead, opt for inexpensive ideas that will still dress up your look with a cute new style. For example, the style experts at Lucky magazine suggest accessorizing a LBD with a low-cost faux croc clutch, a beaded bangle bracelet or mock diamond drop earrings. While the real deal is obviously desirable, opting for a faux accessory, such as a colorful fake alligator belt or mock pony fur purse, can add glamour to your dress without tacking on too much cost.

Night Out Style


When you need to make a statement on a night out on the town, accessorizing your black dress with a few cute pieces can turn your old outfit into an ensemble worthy of a double take. If you are going on a first date, having dinner with friends or going out to dance with your girls, creating a cute but not overly dressy  look is easy if you pair key accessories with your LBD. You can go for more outrageous pieces than you would for a semi-formal event or work day look, trying out big, bold, colorful statement rings or bracelets. If you’re looking to dress down your style, add a colorful or animal print cardigan or a chunky sweater over the LBD. Don’t forget about accessorizing all over, take advantage of your dress’s simplicity and try out an over-the-top jeweled hair clip or bold headband.

What to Pair Up With a Black Dress for a Wedding

Wearing a black dress to a wedding used to be a huge fashion faux pas as black was thought to signify mourning or ill wishes for the wedding couple.

As wedding fashions change, wearing your favorite little black dress to a wedding usually works for any wedding without a preset theme. Accessorize your black dress appropriately for the formality, season and time of the wedding.

What to Pair Up With a Black Dress for a Wedding



Open-toed sandals with a short heel or classic pumps work for an early or less formal wedding in light, bright colors. Metallic shoes or shoes with crystals and rhinestones are appropriate for cocktail-style weddings, late afternoon or evening events. Bright shoes can wake up a black dress. Cobalt blue, taxi cab yellow, fuchsia, turquoise or bright red are a few choices.



Chunky, colorful beads, long strands or a colorful broach are appropriate for earlier weddings, while crystal, rhinestones, colorful stones or pearls work for evening weddings. Dangling earrings and matching bracelets will complete your ensemble. Costume jewelry is more than acceptable, particularly for a cocktail hour wedding reception.

Coat or Wrap


Wear a dressy coat, wrap, scarf or bolero over your black dress if the wedding takes place during colder months, outside or in a house of worship, particularly if your black dress is strapless, a halter style or has thin straps. Light, playful colors in thin materials, such as lace, are appropriate for summer, spring, morning or afternoon weddings as the black dress by itself can feel too dark or formal. A bright patterned scarf works for a morning, afternoon or evening wedding. Wear a faux fur-trimmed, velvet or silk bolero or wrap for a formal evening wedding.



Accessorize your black dress with a pair of nude pantyhose for an evening winter wedding to help keep your legs warm, especially if your dress is cocktail length rather than a floor length gown. A bright or colorful belt or sash is an option if the cut of your dress allows for one. Grab a small clutch or bag that complements your shoes to complete your look.

What Is Formal Attire for a Wedding?

Making it to the church on time is one thing, but keeping the etiquette queens in your good graces is quite another. Wedding couples often want the full experience of what is many people’s sole chance to host a formal affair  so tricky or not, guests need to meet the expectation. Prepare to get fancy with a little formal wedding 101.

No tuxedos necessary for this level of fancy  typically, at least  but you should still strive to look formal. Men may don a dark suit, white shirt and tie for day or night weddings, or can put on a tux if they really dig the look. For women, a long dress, pantsuit or other separates in dark colors look best at a night wedding, while a dark cocktail or afternoon dress is more appropriate for day. You’ve got some leeway with dress color avoid the wedding party’s colors, but go glam with dark jewel tones, earth tones, metallics and more.

What Is Formal Attire for a Wedding

Formal Leeway

If your invitation says “Creative Black Tie” or “Festive Attire,” feel free to add a little color to your outfit, man or woman  that means brightly colored shirts and playful accessories, not traditional dark suits. Similarly, “Beach Formal,” doesn’t mean evening gowns, but you won’t be donning flip-flops and shorts unless otherwise stated on the invite.

Men should opt for a summer suit in a lightweight fabric, while women can choose either a formal sundress or a tea-length dress in bright colors and breezy fabrics like chiffon. Given the terrain, sandals are appropriate on everyone.

What Is the Proper Attire for a Day Wedding?

Once you receive a wedding invitation for a daytime event, you may be concerned about what you should wear. There are a variety of choices for men and women that will enable you to fit in with the wedding guests without standing out in the crowd.

What to Wear for Women

For a formal morning wedding, business attire is usually appropriate. For formal afternoon weddings, you can wear a dressy suit, or add some glamour to your ensemble with a scarf and jewelry. Semi-formal weddings require a short dress or suit.

If the invitation says “casual,” don’t go completely casual. You should still wear a nice daytime dress or tailored pants. Informal day weddings also require a dress or pants ensemble. And if your invitation does not specify the formality of the event, a short dress is your best bet.

What Is the Proper Attire for a Day Wedding

Location and Climate for Women

For a beach wedding, you should wear a short, breezy dress. If you’re indoors, you might choose to wear silk or satin with a matching scarf or jacket. For fall and winter weddings, wear warm-colored pants or a long dress. For spring and summer weddings, wear bright colors and shorter dresses.

Women should also consider location and climate when choosing footwear. For a beach or garden wedding, you may want to wear low heels or flats, so that your heels don’t sink in the ground.

Wedding Faux Pas for Women

When choosing what to wear to a day wedding, rule out the inappropriate. Long gowns and gloves, for example, belong at black-tie evening weddings. Avoid white since it competes with the bride’s dress. Also stay away from ensembles with sequins, flashy patterns or distracting accessories. Keep your attire simple with solid colors and classic prints.

If you are planning to wear a suit, steer clear of blazer-cut tops and go with a flowing or tunic-style jacket. This gives your business attire a more dressy and feminine look, so that you don’t appear as if you’re going to work. At summer or beach weddings avoid dresses that are too short and select one that’s mid-thigh length. Clothes that are see-through or show a lot of skin are inappropriate for weddings.

How to Choose a Wedding Cake

Cutting the wedding cake at the reception is one of the first things that a bride and groom will share as a newlywed couple.

For this milestone you want a cake that not only looks beautiful but also tastes spectacular. These next few steps will show you how to choose a wedding cake that is both pleasing to the eye and pleasing to the taste buds!

How to Choose a Wedding Cake

How to Choose a Wedding Cake

  • Take a look at your guest count. First and foremost you want to be sure you’ll have enough cake to serve all your guests. Remember, the top tier of your cake is traditionally reserved for your first anniversary.
  • Visit the bakery and do some cake tasting. Most bakeries have no problem with clients reserving times to come in and taste a few cakes. There are so many flavors to choose from, the tasting will be a very enjoyable way for the bride and groom to bond.
  • Now that you’ve decided what flavor of cake you want, it’s time to decide what you want it to look like. Do you want round or square tiers? Do you want the tiers to be stacked atop one another or separated? There are many questions to be answered. Bridal magazines and bridal web sites are great resources for inspiration. The bakery you choose will also have sample photos of cakes they’ve done in the past.